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Hurt in a Car Accident?

We are here to help

There are roughly 18,000 car accidents every day in the United States. Even in mild accidents (fender benders) your body absorbs a significant amount of force. The neck, shoulders and back and associated soft tissue often sustain the greatest impact from an accident.

Whiplash is often not noticed until a day or two after the accident. Left untreated, it can cause a series of long term issues as your spine, muscles and ligaments heal in an abnormal position.

Our clinic offers state of the art treatment/therapy for whiplash and auto accident related injuries including Chiropractic Care, Dry Needling, Massage & Physical Therapy, Spinal Decompression and specific Exercise Programs. We are experts in providing customized Chiropractic care and appropriate Therapies for the treatment of your injuries.


Neck Pain/Stiffness

Back Pain/Stiffness



Shoulder or Arm Pain

Blurred Vision

Muscle Pain

Leg Pain

Difficulty Concentrating

Sleep Disturbances


Muscle Stiffness and Spasm

If you have been in an Auto Accident, call our office today at 719-471-4174 for a thorough spinal and soft tissue examination along with state of the art Posture Ray spinal imaging. Based upon the findings, a treatment plan will be established to quickly alleviate pain/stiffness along with stabilizing and strengthening the problems caused by your accident. We are providers for all Auto Insurance Companies and we will accept third party liens and will work with your attorney. We will gladly assist you in dealing with your insurance company to make sure you get the appropriate and necessary care required. We also have a variety of Health Care and Legal Professionals we can refer you to if the need arises.

Auto Accident : Welcome
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